UrFear: Transit Sri Lanka and Vietnam continues the journey of “Multitude of Peer Gynts”, an inter-Asian theatre encounter project, exploring “fear/anxiety” and “im/mobility” in contemporary Asia, based on re-readings of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Consisting of various artists and perspectives from Vietnam and Sri Lanka, the project continues to explore the potentiality of modular experimentations. This website stages its findings: various work-in-progress pieces and its forking paths.

Program Book
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∞ | Red Nguyễn Hải Yến (Vietnam)

∞ departs from re-reading Peer Gynt in the act of contemplating while moving roundabout repeatedly.

Premiere: 24 August 2021
7.00 pm (GMT+7)

The Anatomy of Dreams | Tracy Holsinger (Sri Lanka)

The Anatomy of Dreams is an 8-part podcast series. The plot of the series is inspired by Act 5 of Ibsen's play, where The Strange Passenger asks Peer to give him his cadaver once he dies so that he can look for "the seat of dreams". This is episode 1.

Premiere: 24 August 2021
8.00 pm (GMT+7)

Why You Leave Me? | Võ Thủy Tiên (Vietnam)

Tiên's work departs from her childhood's unanswered question: why people leave their homeland. As it happens, Solveig has always wanted to ask the same question.

Premiere: 25 August 2021
7.00 pm (GMT+7)

Lollipop Anitra | Veenadari Lakshika Jayakody (Sri Lanka)

The idea of juxtaposing the image of a call-girl and traces of capitalism in Sri Lanka appeared after Vena read Ibsen's Peer Gynt, especially in Acts 4 and 5. The character of Anitra, the daughter of a Bedouin chief, gave inspiration to that idea.

Premiere: 25 August 2021
8.00 pm (GMT+7)

See You Don't See Me and Its Double | Kanchana Malshani (Sri Lanka)

Kanchana was drawn to Venuri Perera’s poignant lecture performance On Gaze and Anonymity (or See You Don’t See Me). As she seeks for similarities and differences, she begins to dance with the lecture, first as a shadow before more and more she finds spaces for herself, along with and in between sentences, words, and pauses.

Premiere: 26 August 2021
7.00 pm (GMT+7)

[+] | Trà Nguyễn and Toàn Đoàn (Vietnam)

featuring Andreas Ari Dwianto (Indonesia), Haruka Miyagishima (Japan), Red Nguyễn Hải Yến and Võ Thủy Tiên (Vietnam)

[+] is a theatrical framework that enables dialogue and connection, inviting the performers to create intimate, personal plays based on circumstantial autopoiesis and the commitment to respond to one another.

Premiere: 26 August 2021
8.00 pm (GMT+7)

Artist Talk

Premiere: 27 August 2021
7.30 pm (GMT+7)

Collaborating Artist:
Andreas Ari Dwianto (Indonesia), Haruka Miyagishima (Japan), Kanchana Malshani (Sri Lanka), Red Nguyễn Hải Yến (Vietnam), Toàn Đoàn (Vietnam), Tracy Holsinger (Sri Lanka), Trà Nguyễn (Vietnam), Veenadari Lakshika Jayakody (Sri Lanka), Võ Thủy Tiên (Vietnam).

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Produced by:
Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute
Winner of Ibsen Scholarship 2019

Supported by:
The Japan Foundation-Asia Center

Previously the project is also co-produced by:
Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in 2019

Also supported by:
The Saison Foundation (2019-2020), Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF), East Flores Municipal Government, and Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (2019).

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